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Kat Von D has revealed some of her beauty secrets. She shared that she never goes to bed without washing her face, but that she does have an issue with reusing false eyelashes even though she knows that she should.


The star has her own beauty line and fragrance line called Saint + Sinner which just went through a relaunch. The fragrances were actually intended to be a limited edition launch when they were released ten years ago but people haven’t stopped asking for them.

She shared that when sharing the Sinner scent she’d go with a cat eye and a red lip.

“When it comes to Saint, I would keep with more a smoky, diffused dark eye, with a nude lip…because I think both looks in themselves have a duality to them. Most people would be like, ‘Sinner would be like goth, just black and black lipstick.’ It’s like, no, I think that there’s a saintliness to the sinner and vice versa.”



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