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Ever wonder about Kendall Jenner’s jet setter packing style.


“I’m so used to packing that I have a perfect method. A weekend trip is super easy, but when I’m going away for longer—like Cannes or Fashion Month—that’s a different story. I end up shipping a lot of clothes beforehand and then I’ll bring two suitcases with me. In the past, I’ve gotten more things on my trips (like purchases I make and gifts from designers), so I’ve had to buy extra suitcases, lol.

“Sometimes, though, I get nervous that my checked bags are too heavy! Some airlines won’t let you bring them if they’re over 50 pounds. Then, I always have a big carry-on, with stuff like moisturizer, snacks, a cell phone charger and headphones.”

Good tip, having a big carry-on bag. It’s usually a good idea to carry-on toiletires and a change of clothes if not more, but of course there are always size restrictions. Getting a bag in the right size can make your life a lot easier while traveling.



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