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Prince Michael Jackson was reportedly been rushed to the hospital following a motorcycle accident. The 20-year-old was riding his motorcycle in Los Angeles on Thursday morning and the bike slipped on the wet ground. An ambulance came to the scene of the accident to transport him to the hospital.


Despite the fact that he had to take an ambulance ride Prince seemed to be in decent spirits. He posted a photo to Instagram from inside of the ambulance.

Well shit…

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Prince’s rep confirmed that he “suffered some injuries but is doing OK.” He had no broken bones, and he actually got out of the hospital in time to head back to school at Loyola Marymount and make a class.

It’s not clear how long Prince has been riding motorcycles but he has been posting photos of the activity since September. He has shared that he took a three-day California Motorcycle Safety Program and wears riding gloves at the insistence of his sister Paris.



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