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Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson recently admitted that she was expecting Prince’s death. She said that her brother called her three years before he passed and said that he said “I think I’ve done everything I’ve come to do.”


Tyka assumed that meant this his death was imminent.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to buy earrings for his funeral, I’m buying a necklace for his funeral and I’m planning this, I’m telling all my relatives Prince is passing.’ So it took an actual three years from the time I got the call at McDonald’s…when I got the call that he had passed, I knew immediately what they meant because I was just kind of waiting for that day.”

Tyka also talked about her past substance abuse and staying clean following Prince’s death.

“I had the hardest time [out of all her siblings]. We had spent all of our lives together. It probably only hit me last October. This is the first time I’ve not used drugs and alcohol to mask the pain of grief. This is the first time what I’m feeling has come out in music, not drugs and alcohol.”



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