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Rachel Bilson Splits from Hayden Christensen, Buys Herself a House

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen just broke up in September and Rachel has now bought herself a new house in Pasadena. The couple were together for ten years and share a two-year-old daughter.


The home Rachel sprung for is a $3.25 million mansion that was designed by Gregory Ain and built in 1950. She and Hayden have been quiet since the split, but sources have spoken out about the reasons behind it. Some say it boils down to different personality types.

“They have very different lifestyles and interests. Rachel is very social and likes to hang out with friends. Hayden is reclusive and off the grid. She accepted that for a long time, but sometimes it was a lot to handle.”

Another source explained that “It was a gradual buildup of issues and problems. They were in agreement it was time to move on as a couple.”



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