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Rachel McAdams Joins the List of Women Sexually Harassed by Director James Toback

Rachel McAdams and Selma Blair are the most recent actresses to speak out being sexually harassed by director James Toback. So far 38 different women have spoken out about being sexually assaulted by the man, and over 200 have mentioned sexual harassment.


James has adamantly denied the claims, saying that they are “biologically impossible” based on the condition of his health. This led even more women to speak out about their experiences.

Rachel recounted an incident that occurred when she was 21 and James claimed to have masturbated in the bathroom while she was seated in the other room. She admitted feeling shameful about the situation.

Selma’s story involved direct assault. She says that the director asked her to take off her clothes to read a monologue and ended up forcing himself against her and asked her to make eye contact while he masturbated. He then threatened her to keep quiet by telling a story about another girl he threatened to throw into the Hudson river.



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