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On Thursday, BuzzFeed News and Hulu announced a collaboration that will dive deep into the allegations of sexual abuse surrounding R&B superstar R. Kelly. The upcoming film will available to stream exclusively on Hulu.


Years before the #MeToo movement, R. Kelly managed (somehow) to skirt allegations that he committed lewd acts with an underage girl. Dave Chappelle even made a sketch about the singer’s odd proclivities.

In recent weeks, R. Kelly’s crimes have escalated. On Tuesday, he was sued for sexual assault. Twenty-year-old Faith Rodgers claims that R. Kelly got her drunk, assaulted her, and then gave her herpes. Kelly also claims the singer falsely imprisoned her as “punishment” for not meeting his sexual needs.

Kelly isn’t the only young woman coming out to confront R. Kelly. The singer is also being accused of maintaining a harem of sex slaves, as well.

In short, it’s looking like the end for R. Kelly … and it only took about a decade. Fortunately, several news outlets will be there to catalog his downfall and uncover the trauma endured by his growing list of victims.

At present, there are no planned schedules for the documentaries. Of course, if you don’t feel like waiting, it seems like R. Kelly’s fall is well and truly beginning, so there should be no shortage of revelations offered over the coming weeks and months.



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