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Gamers are a gullible breed, it seems. Just about the time we’ve collectively overcome a stingingly awful video game adaptation, there comes word of another movie that might just live up to the source material. Inevitably, however, the cycle repeats itself, and no matter how promising the adaptation seems, it arrives at the box office as mediocre action-movie fare.


Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider adaptation is the latest in this unending cycle. In advance of its release this Friday, the video game adaptation is dividing critics right down the middle. Where some of the smaller outlets are praising the film’s straightforward tone and Alicia Vikander’s stoic performance, the major critics seem to find Tomb Raider a little tedious.

The Boston Globe called Tomb Raider “depressingly generic.” The Chicago Sun-Times described the movie as “disposable.” Those are on the nice end of the critiques aimed at the film.

Truth be told, Tomb Raider will very likely be a fun watch when it hits DVD. Alicia Vikander is a talented actor who can easily elevate middling source material with little difficulty. Add to that the film’s adherence to practical effects over CGI, and you’ve likely got a worthwhile action adventure story. Fans of the games should find themselves at home in this dressed down take on the topic.

The odds of Tomb Raider reaching much farther past the gaming sphere is debatable, however. That’s a shame, too, because Lara Croft has all the potential to be a beloved matinee idol. Her story is clear-cut (girl vs. wild) and relatable, all you need is a little bit of originality injected into the proceedings. Unfortunately, that might have been too tall an ask for this film.

Well, maybe they’ll get it right on the next go round.



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