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Will Smith and Marc Forster are reportedly buying a German licensing and distribution company called Telepool GmbH. They will be using it to develop, finance, and distribute their own film projects. This could give them the opportunity to finance films that other larger studios would not be interested in producing.


While unknown in the U.S., Telepool has been around for 50 years or so and is one of the biggest sales and acquisitions firms in Europe. In addition to being a well-established company there, it’s also a smart move since Germany is one of the top ten markets for Hollywood box office numbers. Germany also finances a lot of movies that are produced in Hollywood.

Will Smith released a statement about the move.

โ€œMarc and I took a close look at Telepool and discovered a company that has an incredible reputation and a lot of potent. We look forward to working together and with the Telepool team to create unique opportunities and content to strategically growing the business.โ€

Forster has directed projects such as The Kite Runner, Monsterโ€™s Ball, World War Z, and Quantum of Solace. His next project to be released is the Disney film Christopher Robin.

Forster is originally from Germany, added his own statement about the acquisition as well.

โ€œAs a German-born Swiss national, I was familiar with Telepool long before completing this acquisition with Will and his family. We believe that Telepool is well positioned for continued success and growth in our rapidly changing media landscape. I believe Will and I will be able to contribute our combined energies and global relationships to the companyโ€™s advantage. Itโ€™s an exciting undertaking.โ€

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