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In Hollywood, it seems like no one should ever have a bad hair day. Personal stylists are on hand for those touch-ups and tweaks. But there are a few celebrities who set the bar when it comes to hairstyle trends. Check out the 15 celebrities who show us what it means to have great hair.

1. Jessica Simpson

Over the years Jessica Simpson has been criticized for her dramatic weight changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her fabulous blonde curls. Jessica Simpson has used the same hair stylist, Ken Pave, for over 10 years. Recently, Pave advised Simpson to shampoo her hair only two or three times per month to keep the moisture in and prevent it from getting too greasy. Shampooing regularly can actually dry out your hair, he says. So, if you want your hair to be as healthy as Jessica’s, cut down on shampooing!

Jessica Simpson

2. Amy Adams

Redheads are scarce in Hollywood, and that makes them even sexier! You may remember her from her most recent role as Irving’s seductive mistress in the Oscar nominated film, American Hustle where her red hair radiated on screen. Ironically enough, Amy was not born a red-head. She’s actually a natural blonde! She has many stylists to thank for that beautiful shade of auburn that gives her that smoldering look!

Amy Adams

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