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Want to transform your body without paying for a gym membership? Here are 7 simple and budget friendly exercises that you can do at home. These exercises not only strengthen your body, but also help burn loads of calories. Be sure to stick to a balanced diet, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest and your body will transform in weeks.

1. Jump Rope

Jumping Rope

Make working out fun again. Think that jumping rope is only for kids? Well, think again. Jumping rope is a cheap and effective workout that can be done anywhere. If you’re on the go and don’t have time for lengthy cardio sessions at the gym, jumping rope is the perfect workout for you. It burns more calories per minute than any other exercise. Jump rope with friends or family to stay active and healthy. It is a quick and easy workout that offers amazing results.

2. Squats


Want that perfect butt? The squat is an exercise that not only strengthens and tones your backside, but it helps you burn lots of calories too. Try jump squats or squatting with weights to increase the intensity of your workout. Doing squats frequently will not only keep you in shape for bikini season, but it’s a great exercise to improve your overall health. Squats are simple yet effective. Next time you’re watching TV, do a set of squats during the commercials.

3. Push Ups


Don’t be afraid of the push-up. Many people try to exclude push-ups from their normal workout routines because they’re a bit hard to perform. However, push-ups are an essential exercise for strengthening your arms and upper body and keeping your core strong. There are many different push-up styles, so you’ll never be bored while sculpting your arms and shoulders. They’re great for your heart and cardiovascular health too. Performing push-ups a few days a week regularly will transform your upper body in no time. Hello, sleeveless dress.

4. Lunges


Lunges are a great workout for toning the muscles in your legs. To increase the intensity of your workout, do lunges with hand weights, or increase your speed. Lunges are quick and easy to do. Doing lunges daily will maximize your sculpting results and leave you with lean legs in no time.

5. Swimming


Love to swim? Well we have great news. Swimming is an exercise that is not only fun but it’s effective too. Swimming only 3 days per week guarantees amazing results because it strengthens the core and works several different muscle groups at the same time. It’s a full body exercise that puts little strain on muscles and joints, so it’s great for all ages too. Swimming offers great health benefits. It reduces your blood pressure, strengthens your heart and improves your aerobic capacity. So grab your goggles and head to the nearest pool today.

6. Running


Running is one of the best exercises there is! Running reduces stress, improves cardiovascular health, burns loads of calories and keeps your body in great shape! Running tones your legs, strengthens your abs and core and keeps your heart healthy too. Try running 3-4 days per week for maximum results.

7. Cycling


Cycling is a great workout to keep you active and can transform your body. Cycling strengthens your legs, arms and back. It burns calories and improves your overall health too. Cycling can also be a social exercise, which can make it more enjoyable. So grab your bicycle and head to a friend’s house. You’ll save money and get a great workout at the same time.

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