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Move over Golden Girls. Some of today’s celebrity seniors are redefining the role of granny. These famous and fashionable “glam-mas” prove that you don’t have to give up style or great looks just because you’ve matured a few decades. These stars are as sassy and sensational as ever, and are on-trend with their timeless appeal. We can only wish we look as hip as they do when we reach a certain age.

1. Tina Turner

Few grandmas anywhere on the planet can match Tina Turner for her sizzling style. The legendary rocker has her own signature look when it comes to fashion, and she’s never been shy about flaunting what she’s got – particularly, those legs, which were once insured for a cool $3.2 million. From ultra short metallic skirts to body suits that leave little to the imagination, Tina Turner might just be the most rocking grandma in the world. Can you believe she’s 75?


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