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Not all celebrities were born with a straight smile. Some of those pearly whites had a little help from an orthodontist. While many people get their teeth on track during adolescence, more and more adults are opting for orthodontia a little later in life. Even some Tinseltown stars have been seen with tinsel on their teeth. It takes guts to face the paparazzi like that, but if anyone has the motivation (and budget) to improve their bite, its someone who is in the spotlight. Here are ten famous faces who wore adult braces and weren’t afraid to show them off on the red carpet.

1. Faith Hill

The 45 year old country crooner proudly showed off her braces at the Grammy Awards in 2003. We always thought she had a stunning smile, but she said she needed a little dental work to get her teeth back inline. “I had braces as a kid. I forgot to wear my retainer,” she explained. This time, she opted for clear braces, which are a little more subtle than the usual metal train tracks.

famous faces who wore adult braces

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