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10 Longest Hollywood Marriages Over 25 Years Strong

Making love last in Hollywood seems to be a near-impossible feat. We’re always hearing about relationships ending and marriages dissolving. When star couples tie the knot, divorce is almost expected at some point down the road. We can’t help but be cynical, considering the poor track record of many famous unions. However, there are some enduring celebrity love-matches that have stood the test of time. Some have even managed to hold it together for more than a quarter century of wedded bliss. That’s quite an accomplishment for any couple, but especially one in showbiz. Here are 10 of the longest Hollywood marriages that are over 25 years strong.

1. Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon

Can you believe these two have been married for 26 years? The Closer and Footloose stars were wed on September 4, 1988 and have two children now in their twenties. As is common in this industry, the couple met on set while filming Lemon Sky. Apparently it wasn’t love at first sight, though. Kyra thought Kevin was a little stuck-up at first, but he eventually turned things around.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon
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