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In Hollywood’s sea of good looking people we expect our favorite stars to end up with someone as equally attractive. However, many celebs fall in love with partners who don’t share their outer beauty, but that doesn’t make them a poor match. These are eleven of the hottest celebs who have some fairly average-looking spouses, but let their unions prove that even in Tinseltown, unconditional love exists.

1. Pierce Brosnan

James Bond can have any woman he wants, so we’d assume that so can Pierce Brosnan. You’d expect the former 007 star to have a knockout on his arm, however his wife Keely Shaye Smith has become overweight. The former TV host and journalist met Brosnan back in 1994. The pair were smitten, and married seven years later after having two children together. Although, Smith’s weight has increased significantly over the twenty years that the couple have been together, their bond is more than skin deep. Not only do they share a love for one another, but Brosnan and Smith also share a love of environmental activism.

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