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Most men like to keep a grip on their emotions, but there are some movies that can’t help but trigger tears. You’re made of stone if you don’t identify with the characters, get moved by the plot and get a little misty-eyed watching these films. Women are usually unabashed about boo-hooing at the big screen, but even the most stoic of men will find a lump in their throats at these ones. Here are 10 top tearjerker movies that will make grown men weep right along with their female friends. Better keep those tissues handy!

1. Rudy (1993)

One of the most emotionally charged underdog films ever made, Rudy is the true story of Rudy Ruettiger, a guy who dreams of playing football for the Fightin’ Irish while attending Notre Dame. Born in a family with small ambitions and smaller means, he nevertheless manages to earn a spot on the team and is in the lineup for the final match of his senior year. Though the coach didn’t intend to send Rudy in, his family and friends in the stands begin to chant his name, hoping to catch the coach’s attention. The ploy succeeds, and while Rudy doesn’t get much time on the field, he does achieve what he had desired all along – the chance to play for the team. No male viewer is dry-eyed at this point.

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