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At the Toronto Film Festival over the weekend Angelina Jolie spoke out about directing. She explained that she actually prefers to be behind the camera than in front of it.


“I like championing other people and finding their greatness.”

Angelina brought her film First They Killed My Father to the festival. It is the fourth film that she has directed in her career. The film will be heading to Netlfix, but she explained that it was made for the Cambodian people. The film is about the two million people that were killed in a genocide, and she did have her concerns about how people would react.

“It was really such a moving experience. We premiered it across the country, in many places, like the Olympic Stadium, where so much horror happened. The country itself deserves this film and this dialogue. I heard parents and grandparents speaking about it (the genocide) to their children because they hadn’t spoken about it before.”



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