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Today, Comedy Central announced the renewal of Tosh.0 for another three seasons. The half-hour comedy series airs its tenth season this March, and the executives at Comedy Central could not be happier to have Daniel Tosh in the family through 2020.


“I know it makes Daniel uncomfortable to publicly acknowledge our love and affection for each other, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to extend our relationship with him,” said Kent Alterman, president of Comedy Central, to Variety.

When the deal was announced, comedian Daniel Tosh responded, “Knowing when to move on in show business is highly overrated.”

Since 2009, Daniel Tosh’s weekly look at the ridiculous content on the Internet has generated viral success, with the page’s Facebook page boasting over 9 million fans. Additionally, viewers flock to social media to watch the exclusive web content the show produces.

The news of the three-season deal baffles many. Early fans of the show have since lost interest in Tosh’s unevolved gross out humor. What was once clever has become redundant and sophomoric. While TV viewers could benefit from a mental break from the comedic take on the current cultural climate, Tosh.0 seems too shallow and uninspired to alleviate Trump fatigue.

Comedy Central thinks differently though. With a lineup of show addressing current events, from The Daily Show to South Park, the cable network’s executives find that Tosh’s brand of middle school humor serves an invaluable role in keeping audiences engaged and laughing. Unfortunately, the rest of us just don’t find it that funny anymore.



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