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Ben Affleck has actually been acting for most of his life, and this week he sat down on The Tonight Show and talked to Jimmy Fallon about his time as a child actor. He actually seems grateful that he didn’t make it big until later.


“I did do some child acting. Luckily I didn’t end up on a show and get famous and go on crack and get crazy. I had a normal childhood. My mother let me go do this thing and then forced me to come home. It was a PBS series called Voyage of the Mimi. It was for kids. Educational, kind of…You’re laughing, but it’s not a joke! It combined science and math topics with an interesting adventure that a young man took with scientists. I still feel like I have to pitch it!”

Ben went on to say that while he had a good time doing it, he would not want his kids working in the business from a young age. He has said in the past:

“I would do whatever I could to discourage that. My kids have enough issues of being exposed in ways that I don’t want them to be exposed, in magazines and shows and stuff.”



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