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Emily Blunt is already getting some Oscar buzz for her film Girl on the Train, but the actress was not entirely sure about taking the role in the first place.


“I read it and I was at the same time thrilled by the challenge of the character but also slightly concerned that they’d just think immediately of me for somebody who is described as sort of a puffy-face, aggressive, obsessive alcoholic.”

Emily plays the character of Rachel Watson from the book, and most of the story remains the same for the film except for the fact that the setting was moved from London to New York. She did of course, end up taking on the role.

“It’s less a thriller about Rachel being a terrible, drunk, Nancy Drew character trying to figure out who done it. It’s more about her trying to make sure she didn’t do it. And I think that was so appealing and unsettling and weird to me. And that’s what I really liked about the character.”

Girl On the Train is in theaters everywhere Friday October 7.



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