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Corey Feldman Says His Life is at Risk for Exposing Pedophile Ring in Hollywood

Corey Feldman recently spoke out about what he calls a pedophlia ring in Hollywood that has been going on for years. Since he went to the press about it, he says that two trucks tried to run him over and he thinks his life is at risk.


He first talked about the sexual abuse in his 2013 memoir Coreyography, where he explained that he and fellow child star Corey Haim were abused in their younger years. Then just recently he released an Indigogo campaign in an effort to raise money to make a documentary. That’s when the trouble supposedly started for him.

“Ever since I discussed the fact that I have this plan, my life has turned to utter chaos. I’ve been silenced my whole life, but just over the past few days since I made that announcement, I’ve been arrested, I had a near death experience last night where I felt like I was almost going to be killed. Two trucks came speeding at me at the same time on a crosswalk. I need to protect myself and I need to protect my family. I need additional security and I need a legal team to help represent me so that I can fulfill this mission.”



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