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Georgina Chapman has finally broken her silence on the downfall of the man she was married to for ten years, Harvey Weinstein. The accusations about Weinstein’s harassment and abuse first started coming out about seven months ago. Dozens of women came forward with similar stories about the producer, despite the fact that his team continues to deny all of it. Chapman is now talking about the situation, sharing her story in the pages of the June Vogue.


“I was so humiliated and so broken…that…I, I, I…didn’t think it was respectful to go out. I thought, ‘Who am I to be parading around with all of this going on?’ It’s still so very, very raw. I was walking up the stairs the other day and I stopped; it was like all the air had been punched out of my lungs.”

Chapman is referring to the fact that she stayed very quiet following the accusations, even after she announced that she had left Weinstein. Since then the two have reportedly reached a divorce settlement somewhere within the $15-20 million range.

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Chapman went on to explain that after the news broke she lost ten pounds due to the fact that she was having trouble keeping food down. Once she worked through the initial shock she realized that she needed to see a therapist to process the events and moving forward. She shares that there “was a part of me that was terribly naïve—clearly, so naïve. I have moments of rage. I have moments of confusion. I have moments of disbelief!”

In addition to taking care of herself, Georgina Chapman also felt like she needed to make some quick decisions to protect her children. She felt it was best to remove the kids from the situation, but has a hard time understand what things will be like for them going forward.

“What are people going to say to them? It’s like, they love their dad. They love him. I just can’t bear it for them!”

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Not only does Chapman explain that she did not know about Weinstein’s behavior, but she also says that she was “never” suspicious about it.

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