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Jamie Lynn Spears is mostly known for being the younger sister to Britney Spears as well as her time starring on the show Zoey 101. She’s also famous for getting pregnant at the age of 16, and now she is opening up about her journey.


“I remember being a little girl and all those emotions come back. Not just being pregnant, but telling your loved ones and going through all that, it’s a lot of emotions involved. You’re just an innocent little girl, and then you look back on how far you came…it’s bittersweet.”

Her daughter Maddie is now eight years old, and she can thank her family for being supportive throughout the years.

“My family’s reaction was exactly what you expected it to be: very shocked, very scared for me…but it was all out of love. I was the baby of the family having a baby. When I told them I was pregnant, I think the best thing that they did was they supported me. They didn’t just let me go do whatever I wanted, but they gave me the freedom to make my choices and grow up. I couldn’t have a child and still have mom and dad making decisions for me,” she said.

“It was a good tough love…I wasn’t going to use my age as an excuse. To be a mother is to be a mother, it doesn’t matter what age you are.”



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