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Jennifer Lawrence sat down for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo this week, and as usual she had some interesting stories to tell during a game of “Plead the Fifth.” One of these was her admitting that she has actually kissed Liam Hemsworth off camera.


The two star together in the Hunger Games flicks and have some onscreen kissing time, but when asked by Andy if anything had ever happened in real life she admitted it had and said:

“Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot…what would you have done,” she began. “I did [kiss Liam]. At one point.” Does this add credence to the rumor that the two might be dating in real life?

Following on the whole boy theme, Andy also asked for details about her onscreen kisses with Bradley Cooper, who she describes as “fantastic.”

Andy also made sure to find out Jennifer feels about Justin Bieber, who has supposedly called her “so sexy.”

Jennifer’s reaction was a strong no, saying:

“I’m gonna say a hard no . . . but thanks.”

But the fun didn’t end there. Andy brought up the fact that Susan Sarandon admitted to smoking pot before awards shows but not at the Oscars, and Jennifer admitted that she was the opposite.

“I smoked pot at none of (the awards shows), but I saw my brother smoking out of a bong before one of the Oscars – won’t say which.”

Andy asked her if she took a hit and she said “yeah.” When pressed for more information about whether it was the year that she won (and took a spill on her way up to the stage), she decided upon that moment to plead the fifth.



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