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It seems there may be a mystery brewing in Justin Bieber’s camp after the singer cancelled two planned performances over the Thanksgiving holiday. Mere days after gearing up to promote his new album, Purpose, the Canadian star has decided to take a few days off this week, and he’s not telling why.


Originally planning to go on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert before performing at the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS, the pop pipsqueak cancelled his performances with little notice. While he did make some effort to apologize to both his fans and Stephen Colbert on Twitter, the Biebs wasn’t giving any concrete reasons why he nixed the shows.

Sources apparently close to the singer told HollywodLife that the cancellation was simply the result of a scheduling conflict. Of course, that’s a convenient excuse that seems to run counter to a tweet sent out by the 21-year-old singer in which he explained to Stephen Colbert’s personal account, “sometimes life kicks our ass and we need to deal with it” … whatever that means.

Meanwhile, reps for Bieber also claim that he was ready and willing to tape his parade performance from LA, but CBS abandoned that plan after it became apparent that Bieber would not be able to do The Late Show.

Whatever is really going on with the Biebs may not be clear, but if the singer’s history is any indication, it won’t be too long before the entire world becomes privy to his latest dramatic saga … assuming there even is one.

Maybe he’s just a little waterlogged after his AMA performance. What do you think?

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