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It’s already been nine years since Kate Gosselin and then husband Jon made reality TV history with their eight children on the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. In the latest issue of People magazine Kate looked back at their time on the show, as well as revealed some details about their current life.


Looking back, Kate admits that she has some regrets about worrying and not slowing down to appreciate the moments as they came.

“I would spend more time nibbling little feet and cuddling up. I worried about so many things I just didn’t need to be worrying about when they were still so young, and I came on way too strong.”

Kate also shared that her son Collin is away from home in a special needs program. Collin is one of her sextuplets who were born in 2004, and is enrolled in some sort of skills program to get the tools that he currently needs.

“[There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things. This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own. I’ve felt very alone in this. By the same token, it’s not something that has only impacted me or him — our entire family has been impacted.”



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