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Kelly Rowland had a personal reason for launching a makeup line that is inclusive to all skin tones…she had a hard time finding shades that worked for her own coloring.


“I was pink, I was green, I was gray, I was too fair, I was too dark or too purple. Even going overseas to Europe, none of the makeup artists have my color, and I was just shocked. Like, you should know it all. They didn’t, and that’s fine, but if that’s the case, then let’s figure out a solution.”

Kelly was inspired to start her company F.A.C.E., which stands for For All Created Equal. She is launching the collaboration with her makeup artist Sheika Daley and particularly wants to focus on the shades that are harder to come by.

“I don’t want them to cover up their [skin color]. So many makeup artists cover everything up. Let the skin tone shine through. There’s a reason why people are sitting in the sun, there’s a reason why people are injecting their lips. Our features are so beautiful, and we just don’t need to cover it up or enhance it even more, cause we already have it… We invented the s**t!“



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