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Kendall Jenner sat down for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, where the two discussed her recent September Vogue cover success, as well as her new haircut.


Jimmy asked Kendall about the decision to cut her hair shorter before the shoot, and if it was her decision or someone else’s.

“They kind of wanted something and I looked at the idea and I was like what if we did this, so we all collaborated. But yeah, there’s a few obstacles I had to get through to approve it with certain people and stuff.”

To which Jimmy replied:

“That’s weird. You realize how strange that is that you’re in a position in your life where people weigh in on your hair and what it’s going to be like, right?”

Kendall and Jimmy are actually neighbors now, as she recently moved in across the street from the host. Kendall claimed that she calmed her mom’s nerves about her moving out on her own by assuming that Jimmy would help her out if anything ever went down.

Jimmy was up to the task.

“Yeah! I’m the captain of the neighborhood watch. If you have any trouble, don’t worry – I will shuffle down in my underpants and take care of whatever is going on.”



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