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Kim Kardashian had a feeling that her younger sister Kylie Jenner was going to be a young mom. Kim and Kris recently spoke at a panel during Business of Fashion West. They were discussing how long their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians might be around, and Kris was joking that it would last “forever” and that Kim’s daughter North would get married on an episode. Then she added that they used to say that about Kylie when she was ten.


Then Kim jumped in and added some more specifics about their Kylie predictions.

“We used to say, ‘Season 17, Kylie has a baby.’ And we all looked at each other and [were] like, ‘Oh sh-t! That just happened.'”

Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi Webster in February, and the 15th season of the show airs this summer, so their timing was a pretty good estimate.

happy birthday North & P.. 🖤

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During the panel, Kim was also asked about the backlash that she sometimes receives, such as just this week after wearing braids to the MTV Movie Awards. Kim seemed to have a pretty good handle on it saying “Well, in these times, there’s backlash if you sneeze…it’s gotten really out of hand.”

Thank you Melissa @skinthesisinc for making my skin 👌

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Kim Kardashian has received backlash for wearing braids in the past, so clearly, she wasn’t surprised to get it again this time. She might have been expecting it.

Kim went on to explain that what really matters is the opinion of their family and those who they’re closest to, not the media. She acknowledged that they’ve been happy to have the opportunity to do what they do in business.

“I think that the way my family and I have always dealt with everything is we know we have each other. Nothing else really matters. So at the end of the day, this could all go away and we all have each other and we’re confident in that…and a part of all of that craziness has given us the platform to have our brands.”

Welcome to the good life…

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