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More updates on Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery have been revealed. A Paris judicial police source has come forward with more details, including that the robbers spent almost an hour in the apartment, and that they “clearly knew the security code.”


The insider said that they have been using the footage from a traffic camera to put together the timing, which was previously reported as a brief encounter.

“They acted like they had all the time in the world. It is quite incredible that they managed to hang about for so long without anyone calling us.”

The camera footage shows that there were two different groups of people who arrived 14 minutes apart, and overall they ended up staying for 49 minutes. Some of them on bicycles, while some of them walked away “briskly, but looking very relaxed.”

If caught, the five robbers face charges of “armed robbery by an organized gang, criminal conspiracy and kidnapping.” In addition to gagging and tying Kim up for the duration of the robbery, they also reportedly pulled a gun on the male concierge who was working the front of the building at the time.

Kim’s Paris lawyer says that ”She is very calm and very determined over a matter that was particularly violent.”



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