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Kylie Jenner has released a birthday edition of her makeup line. The reality star turns 20 on August 10 but released the makeup on the first of the month. Everything in the makeup bag (and the bag itself) is pink. The makeup items include lipsticks, brushes, a palette, and new highlighters.

This is not the first time that Kylie has released a birthday makeup kit, but it is the first time she has as she exits her teen years. It’s hard to believe that Kylie is barely an adult at all, but the star recently opened up about still being sad that she missed her high school prom.

She spoke out about it on a teaser for her upcoming show Life Of Kylie. She was being homeschooled by the time prom came around and just didn’t make it. She also admitted that she unfollowed all her old friends on social media who went because she couldn’t deal looking at what she was missing.


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