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Mark Hamill shared his thoughts about Carrie Fisher to Entertainment Weekly following her sudden death. The two co-starred together in Star Wars, and Mark details how she “shattered the mold” when it came to changing the damsel in distress role.

“She was so take-charge that she made Harrison Ford and me look like a couple of chumps. Not only was Princess Leia demanding — as royalty ought to be — but she was even judgmental…”

He also described how Carrie would open up and share herself quickly, as well as that she wasn’t the best at keeping secrets.

“Carrie didn’t just take you into her confidence, she bulldozed you into her confidence. That’s funny because if you confided in Carrie, you were guaranteed it was going to be everywhere. In fact, if you wanted to get something out, you could say, “Hey Carrie, let me tell you this, but you can’t tell anybody…” Then everybody would know. She had no vault.”

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