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Molly Sims was one of the hottest supermodels during the 90’s, but she recently confessed the extreme measures she took to achieve that perfect bikini body.


The 42-year-old mother of two went into detail when she told Huffington Post Live what being a swimsuit supermodel really entails.

Sims confessed: “I didn’t eat sometimes for a couple of days. And I used to walk 14 miles a day.”

Woah, that sounds very unhealthy, but we think it’s great that she’s exposing the pitfalls of the fashion industry’s expectations and the lengths that many models go to for their photoshoots.

Sims continued: “It was very difficult to stay the weight you’re supposed to be. I am blessed genetically but I still had to work hard to get to the weight they wanted me to be at.”

The Las Vegas star even admits that at times she was shocked by what she thought was healthy: “You never think you look good at the moment but then you look at the picture five years later you like it. Looking at a photo of herself where she appeared rail thin in a silver bathing suit, she said, At that time I thought I was so heavy.”

The former Sports Illustrated star recently wrote a book entitled The Everyday Supermodel, which discusses the difficulties of a work-life balance.

Sims shared, “It’s difficult but now as a mother of two that work-life balance is always hard. It’s a juggle. I do want to be the best mom I can be but I also want to do the best work that I can do. So it’s my own little ambition, kind of a life pole that I keep trying to climb.”

The blonde beauty began dating film producer Scott Stuber in December 2009 and the couple married in September 2011. They share two children together, Brooks, 3, and their seven-month-old daughter, Scarlett.

What do you think about Molly Sims’ model confessions? I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear about the extremes she went to for her bikini shoots. But with the Victoria’s Secret fashion show just around the corner, we hope the industry starts to realize the unhealthy pressures they put on young models. Some VS stars admit to starving themselves before the big show too! When will it ever change?

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