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On Tuesday, Notorious BIG’s former flame, Faith Evans, announced that the all-time king of hip-hop may live on once more. Not in the real, actual way Tupac is living down in Peru, but in the form of a hologram. According to Evans, she’s finishing work on a new album of duets called The King & I, based on the music of her late husband.


As Evan explained on Dame Dash’s radio show on Tuesday, “It’s in the finishing stages…and [will be] released in early September.” On the same program, Evans revealed that she’s commissioned a hologram of the actor that she can take on the road with her. She explained that stunt was still in the “development stages,” though.

Evans added, “I don’t know necessarily to what extent I’m going to perform [with the hologram] but I definitely want to debut it in the first video and maybe use it a little bit performing live.”

As CNN explained, the reveal of a Biggie hologram could be just in time for a concert that Diddy (formerly P. Diddy, formerly Puffy, formerly Puff Daddy) is planning for this May. That might be quick turnaround for a hologram (how long does one of those things take to make?), though the people at Hologram USA have confirmed they’re “in talks with representatives of Biggie Smalls.”

A Biggie hologram would make for an excellent capper to Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Concert, which is set for May 20, a date that would have been Notorious BIG’s 44th birthday.



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