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Oprah has a new book out called Wisdom of Sundays: Life-changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations, and she thinks it might be life changing.

The book is full of interviews with influential and motivational people such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Choprah, Shonda Rhimes, Arianna Huffington, and Elizabeth Lesser. The topics discussed in the interviews might be about spirituality, fulfillment, gratitude, etc, but whatever they are their intention is to uplift.

“My intention with the book is to offer on every page an opportunity to find a way to be closer to yourself, closer to the heart that you believe, closer to the name you refer to God as being, closer to bigger, closer to a better life. To find a way because I believe that there are all kinds of avenues, different paths leading to the same goal and the highest goal is the truest expression of yourself as a human being.”


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