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By now, most people have caught a glimpse of the latest documentary to feature accounts of Michael Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse against children. Leaving Neverland premiered in two parts on HBO, the first half was released Sunday night, while the conclusion aired Monday.


Many celebrities, including Oprah, D.L. Hughley, Rose McGowan and Corey Feldman reacted to the shocking documentary that featured Wade Robson and Jame Safechuck sharing graphic details of the alleged abuse they faced for years at the hands of the late pop star.

Oprah interviewed the accusers immediately following the conclusion of the documentary Monday night. McGowan praised Oprah and the subjects of the documentary: “The survivors are brave. @Oprah is brave. The documentarians are brave. This is what brave is folks, standing against the grain, going against the norm, rocking the boat because sometimes it needs to be rocked. It is hard to hear truth, but that’s what growing pains are. #Brave”

D.L. Hughley’s takeaway is that we as a society need to take a hard look at what we let incredibly talented celebrities get away with. 

But, there are still many fans and family members defending Jackson, including his 20-year-old daughter Paris. She has not yet seen the documentary, but firmly believes her father was not a child molester.

The Jackson family as a whole has been outspoken about their anger over the documentary, and Tito’s son, Taj Jackson, told us he thinks Robson’s making it up for revenge.

Have you seen the latest MJ doc? What are your thoughts?



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