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Hey, did you know that — contrary to centuries of scientific research — the Earth is actually flat? At least, that’s the story according to rapper B.o.B., the once promising Atlanta recording artist. On Sunday, the rapper launched a science lesson of his own on Twitter in which he claimed that the Earth was undeniably flat. You’ve all been fed a pack of lies, people.


Fans of Twitter and subpar hip hop are probably already familiar with B.o.B.’s brand of eccentricity. The rapper believes all sorts of alternative truths. Apparently, there are secret cloning centers stationed around the country, people exist on different timelines, YouTube is programmed to reset the plays on his videos, and there’s supposedly an actual American city serving poisoned water to its citizens (ridiculous!). By the way, if you’re not following the guy on Twitter, you should because his feed is a thrill a minute.

B.o.B.’s discourse on astrophysics began Sunday on Twitter when the rapper began by offering this simple photo as proof of his theory:

And continued by dropping truth bombs like this:

Okay, in the interest of saving time, we’re skipping some really good ones (seriously, read his Twitter feed), because things started to get heated yesterday morning when the world’s most famous smart guy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, jumped into the conversation after B.o.B. tried to reveal the ‘flat Earth’ truth using a picture of the Manhattan skyline:

The famed astrophysicist continued his assault on the facts with some light insults coated in his usual charm:

In response, B.o.B. has released some dope new rhymes this morning to counter deGrasse Tyson’s stupid “science.” “In a room full of pigs, trying not to bust a sweat,” B.o.B raps in the song. “Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest.”

Hmmmm … maybe there’s a reason this guy is only famous for being crazy.



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