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Selena Gomez is back from her three-month hiatus, and now the singer is explaining what she did and how she changed during that time.


For one thing, Selena cut the heavy ties to her cellphone and feels like a better person for it.

“I recently took 90 days off. During that time I did not have my cellphone. It was the most refreshing, calming, rejuvenating feeling. Now I rarely pick up my phone, and only limited people have access to me.”

She said that her current morning routine is to “Drink water, stretch and take a deep breath,” and that she cooks, naps, and uses affirmations when she has some free time.

A few months back Selena canceled her Revival World Tour so that she could deal with some anxiety and depression that she was experiencing alongside her Lyme Disease. She made her official return to the public eye at the American Music Awards in November, where she was honored for the first time.



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