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Selena Gomez Makes It Clear She and Justin Aren’t Getting Back Together

Dating is complicated for anyone, but add in a few million extra people’s opinions and comments and it can get even more complicated. Just ask Selena Gomez, who literally a crumpled a fan’s dreams about their hopes of her getting back together with Justin Bieber.


At Selena’s Revival Tour concert over the weekend a fan presented her with a sign that read “Marry Justin Please” (in all caps). Selena took the sign and then in front of the entire audience and lots of camera phones, she crumpled it up. That seems like a pretty clear message if there ever was one.

Supposedly Justin and Selena’s downfall was over a cheating scandal, and the experience has made the pop star a bit more guarded in her dating life.

“I don’t trust anybody. So dating can only be fun if I know I’m going to have fun.”

Meanwhile, also over the weekend, Justin was performing at his own concert at a stop on the Purpose tour where he broke down into tears. Fans of the couple wanted to believe that the tears were in response to Justin’s hearing Selena’s new song “Feel Me” which she first sang on Friday night. The emotional lyrics are suspected to be about him.

“I won’t be caught up in the middle/Through your highs and your lows/Baby, ‘long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.”




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