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Stevie Wonder had a Sunday night concert in London’s Hyde Park where he opened with some comments relating to the recent shootings in the U.S.


“In this troubled time that we’re living in, I want to say to all of you that I love you all. What I’m hopeful about is that we can make a difference. And if you too feel that we can make a difference, then all of you here, I encourage you to choose love over hate. It’s just that simple. Choose love over hate, right over wrong, kind over meanness. Hope over no hope at all.”

He went on to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, and why it’s important.

“Yes, all life does matter, but the reason that I say ‘Black Lives Matter’ is because we are the original people of this world. So in essence, everyone here has some black in you. You’ve all got some soul in you, so stop denying your culture. Love yourselves, all of yourselves, no matter what color you might be.”

Stevie has been vocal about equality for some time, and this is not the first time he has shared his support for the Black Lives Matter movement with his fans.



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