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After nearly a year in lockup, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice has been released from prison just days before the Christmas holiday. Guidice and her husband, Joe, were sentenced to time in prison late last year after they plead guilty to a whopping 41 counts of bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. She began her 15-month sentence earlier this year on January 5. Thankfully for Guidice, our federal prison system is mad crowded, so the reality TV star was subject to a guideline wherein if a federal prisoner behaves him or herself, they basically only have to serve 75% of their time. As a result, Teresa’s time in prison is up and she’s headed home for the holidays.


According to an in-depth report from People, the entire Guidice family has been doing their best to adjust to the absence of their matriarch, with husband Joe doing his best to keep things in order. Since the couple was able to secure a deferred sentence structure, now that Teresa is home, Joe is set to begin his 41-month stint in the next few months. After that, Joe is looking at deportation to Italy.

For Teresa, it seems like things will slowly get back to normal. Expect her to resume her duties on Real Housewives of New Jersey full-time in the coming months. Bravo has already made sure to keep the public in the loop on her prison sentence, filming several specials that followed her family while she was locked up. The 43-year-old TV star also has a book coming out in early February.

In other words, it seems that in due time, Guidice’s run behind bars will be nothing more than an anecdote used to buoy her self-styled career.



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