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Terry Crews previously spoke out about an alleged groping incident that took place at a Hollywood party. He said that a male executive grabbed his crotch and that he didn’t feel like he could appropriately respond to the situation. He started talking about the incident recently, then filed a police report, and now he has named the person as agent Adam Venit.


Crews said that this encounter was the first time he had ever met the man. He said that Venit started making “overtly sexual tongue moves” at him and that at first he thought it was a joke because the behavior seemed so strange. Venit then proceeded to grab Crews’ crotch right in front of his wife Rebecca King-Crews.

Terry said that his impulse was to respond with violence but his wife talked him out of doing so. Instead the two left the party.

“If I would have just retaliated in defense, I would be under the jail right now and that’s one thing I knew being a large African American man in America, I would immediately be seen as a thug, but I’m not a thug. I’m an artist.”

Crews said that he started experiencing PTSD when the Harvey Weinstein news broke, which led him to start speaking about the incident.



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