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In a world where the up-and-coming generations of Americans are finding it harder and harder to break free of their station in life, stories in which people’s hard work has paid off in massive piles of cash are particularly inspiring. The impact of these stories are heightened even more when they concern people who have migrated to America to stake their own claim on the American Dream. This nation was built to be a melting pot of the best and brightest the world has to offer, and while some at home might gripe about the end of that tradition, there are several examples in which the American Dream appears to be alive and well. Here are ten immigrants who hit the proverbial jackpot through their own ingenuity and efforts.

10. David Sun – Net Worth $3.9 Billion

In the never-ending battle for electronic hardware supremacy, there’s one thing that everyone needs and that few people actually think about (until they run out). That’s memory, the unit that makes your phone and computer worthwhile. It’s that memory that catapulted Taiwanese David Sun, COO of Kingston Technology, to his billionaire status. Along with fellow immigrant billionaire, Chinese-born John Tu, Sun’s Kingston Technology is one of the world’s largest producers of flash cards and USB drives.

David Sun Billionaire

9. Jin Sook & Do Won Chang – Net Worth $4.5 Billion

When South Korean couple Jin Sook and Do Won Chang moved to America in 1981, they had nothing. At one point Do Won was working three jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. In 1984, the couple opened Fashion 21, a clothing store that locked down $700 grand in its first year in business. Today, the popular store, now known as Forever 21, is a privately held chain with more than 700 locations across four continents. In 2014, the company reportedly made more than $4.4 billion.

Jin Sook and Do Won Chang

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